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Planning Is Key As The Events Industry Gears Up For A Comeback

Gear up for come back
Gear up for come back
Events Gear up for Come back

As the world slowly begins to open up, a multitude of options will once again be put in front of us. Most of them will be options that a year ago we would have taken for granted – going to the pub, holidays with family and friends, travel, a festival (in the baking British sunshine, of course!).

The events sector is one which has been hit harder than most by the pandemic. Landmarks in the diary such as Glastonbury have gone by the wayside, while more local events – charity fundraisers, for example – have fallen away too.

Whatever the size of your event, the impact has been huge, but venues are gearing up to come back. When they reappear, there will be an obvious requirement in terms of safety as well as entertainment. Signage will be an integral element of that, and getting it right – no matter how many people you are catering for – will be more important than ever to enhance the experience of the attendees.

And while they need to be functional and do their job, because they are such a strong visual element of any event, they can have a real impact too, lending a sense of fun to their functionality.

The PB Signs team have been turning their minds to what to think about when planning your next event, and we hope this gives you some interesting food for thought about the signage you’ll need as we begin to return to a semblance of normality.

Signage ideas to think about when planning your event:

  • Know your venue – It sounds obvious to say it, but visit the venue, ask for and study your site map from the attendees’ perspective. Be mindful that each area is a touchpoint with your attendees, so as well as informing and wayfinding, it’s a chance to show off your brand.  Essential areas offer a wealth of opportunities for event signage: stages, queues, social sharing handles & hashtags display boards, refreshments, ticket or registration pick up, customer service, exit / thank you for attending, are all areas where you can make an impact.
  • Design – Use simple fonts. Although you want your signage to stand out, don’t forgot the primary purpose is to inform and avoid confusion for your attendees. In terms of the overall design, keep your artwork simple, clean and uncluttered. Be mindful of reflective surfaces – avoid using gloss finishes on any of your print signage – especially at outdoor events, as the glare can make it difficult to read.  Go for a matt finish if you can.  We can help with your signage designs – our team of designers can chat with you to understand your branding and come up with a suite of signage to suit your needs and style.
  • Sustainability – Think about the importance of including a recyclable element to your event. There are many new signage materials available which are reusable or biodegradable.  Not all materials are waterproof, so make sure your signage supplier is aware your event is indoor or outdoor. Ask us about our range of eco-friendly signage.
  • Social distancing/health and safety – Even when all social distancing guidelines have ended, you may still decide to keep some rules in place such as wearing masks indoors, table service versus ordering at the bar, or to restrict number of people in certain areas such as toilets. This will all require clear signage.  Make sure you use a supplier with experience in health and safety signage.  We have a full library of stock designs which comply with UK regulations.  Alternatively, you may prefer tailored/branded H&S signage. We can design this for you so feel free to speak to our team for advice. For more information, see current Government Guidelines on Organised Events
  • Installation – Site access – it’s super important to think about how and when you plan to install your event signage. Will you require access equipment to install at height or in hard-to-reach places such as a cherry picker or scissor lift?  Do you need a permit? How many days will the installation take?  How far in advance will you have access to the site? Do your sign fitters hold the correct insurance? Our experienced team can project manage all of this for you.  We can visit the site and arrange a team of experienced fitters including all required equipment, permits and RAMS (Risk Assessment and Method Statement) documentation.
  • Sponsorship opportunities – Be savvy with your budget. Offer up advertising space on your signage to your suppliers.  They will often be willing to contribute to your signage costs if it means more brand coverage for their products.  It’s a win for you and a win for them. Our design team can work with your suppliers to obtain relevant information, logos and designs for your signage.
  • Digital signage – Digital signage is a great way to present information in a dynamic, eye-catching way, especially if your event is running for more than one day. It has the ability to update information in real time, which can genuinely engage with your audience.  Supplier advertising can also be used as a potential revenue stream. Speak to our team today – we can advise on the right level of digital signage for you event.
  • Stand out with innovative signage – Think about how you can use your signage to make the most impact, impress your guests and enhance the attendee experience. Here’s a few ideas to get you started.
    • Photo opportunity backdrops – these can be straight forward step and repeat logo walls or something more creative such as a bespoke graffiti style walls or free-standing oversized signs or built-up letters. Ensure your photo zone areas have event related hashtags and social media handles prominently displayed.
    • Portable signage – This is a great option if you’re holding multiple events. Banner stands are a common option which are portable, reusable and easy to set up so you can move them around from one event to another.
    • Floor graphics – These are for utilising areas of unused space for either simple wayfinding arrows or an opportunity to showcase your brand in a more creative way.
    • Signposts – Great for directing your attendees to multiple areas, but also another potential photo opportunity. Signposts can be tailored to your event theme – rustic, vintage wrought iron or more modern cartoon like designs can be printed directly onto wooden arrows which can be fixed onto posts.
    • Suspended signs – Add another dimension to your signage – if you have a ceiling available to you, your signage can be suspended using either vertical hanging banners or something more creative such as illuminated 3D cubes or custom cut acrylic

Bespoke custom sets – Want something a little special? We’ve worked with hundreds of events companies over the years and have so many ideas up our sleeve.  If you’re after some inspiration we would like to offer you a free, no obligation 30-minute zoom video call to learn more about your event and suggest some new & innovative signage & set ideas all within your budget.  Contact Us to arrange a convenient time.