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The ideas our clients come up with for their business signage arrive in all shapes and sizes – and that’s where our specialist team bring their skills and knowledge to bear.

At PB Signs, we pride ourselves on transforming diverse client visions into bespoke business signage. Our expert team adeptly navigates projects from initial concepts—often rough sketches—through to the finished end product, ensuring your ideas are vividly brought to life.


Our approach consistently surpasses client expectations. This success stems from our commitment to listening, crucial for understanding your unique needs and crafting a targeted solution. We excel in customer service, underpinned by meticulous attention to detail. This thoroughness enables us to offer a spectrum of proven signage solutions tailored to your requirements, including recommendations on media types, finishes, and secure fixings—all within your budget.


We provide tangible product samples and detailed mock-ups positioned in their intended environment. This allows you to explore various colour options, finishes, and designs, ensuring you can fully envision your signage before installation. Unlike basic online services that reduce transactions to simple uploads and clicks, we offer a personal touch with genuine expertise and actionable advice.


Let PBS handle the complexities of signage creation, liberating you to focus solely on your core business activities. Our efficiency saves you both time and money. Each client benefits from the dedicated support of an Account Manager who guides you from project inception to completion.


Our innovative, tailored signage solutions are enhanced by our proactive, solution-oriented ethos, enabling us to address even the most challenging inquiries. With PBS, you receive more than just signage; you gain a committed partner in your business’s visual communication strategy.

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In other words, what you get is real people with real skillsets and answers – so much more valuable than an online ‘upload your artwork and click to buy’ supplier.


Let PBS take away the stress and do the hard work for you, freeing you up to do what only you can do by concentrating on your business. That way we save you time and money.


Innovative, individual, bespoke signage coupled with a ‘can do’ attitude means we always have an answer to even the trickiest of questions.


And that’s not all. You’ll get your own dedicated Account Manager working with you from start to finish.

Consulting services we provide:
  • Product samples
  • Product advice
  • Site visits
  • Site surveys
  • Budget planning
  • Visual mock ups
  • Ideas/Concepts meetings
  • Bespoke signage solutions
  • Attendance at your internal meetings (signage/branding representative)
Some clients we have provided Consultancy services for:
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Consultancy Logos 01
Consultancy Logos 02
Consultancy Logos 03
Consultancy Logos 04
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